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To provide a sustainable National forum and structure that engages industry, government, law maker, academia, civil society and all domestic stakeholders in the strategic national debate on Internet Governance issues.


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CALL FOR A CONSULTANT TO MANAGE Nigeria Internet Governance Forum  (NIGF) 2019 PROCESS

Nigeria Internet Governance Forum Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group  (NIGF-MAG) invites applications from qualified Consultants to manage the 2019 NIGF event in Lagos on the 11th July 2019. The event will be preceded by:

  1. 1st Nigeria School of Internet Governance (8th -10th  July 2019). Co-host with ISOC NG
  2. Nigeria Youth Internet Governance Forum (10th July 2019). (By the Youths for the Youths organisers)

About NIGF

The Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) is the national initiative of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Process.  It is a renowned collaborative effort of Internet stakeholders in the country to help provide a coordinated mechanism for domestic stakeholders participation in the regional and global Internet Governance debate. It is also a process  to help facilitate partnerships, coalitions, and dialogues that redefine Nigeria’s position at regional and global IGF meetings.

Objectives of Assignment

Under direct supervision and overall guidance of the NIGF-MAG, the Consultant will have responsibility for the preparation and management of logistical issues and arrangements related to hosting and professional reporting of the NIGF 2019 event.



The scope of work which this offer refers shall include, but shall not be limited to the following activities:


  • Pre-Event


  1. Development of Event Agenda for the NIGF:

This activity shall include among others the development of sub-themes, synopsis, in line with the objectives and goals of the NIGF-MAG.

  1. Preparation of resource persons’ requirements:

This activity will include the matching of resource persons to topics, securing the availability and attendance of resource persons.

  1. Preparation of contents for press:

This item line involves development of contents for press syndication for the purpose of advertisements, media interview, awareness, and the update of the NIGF website.

  1. Pre-Event Support Services:

This will  include preparation of:

  1. Master Checklist for Programme Management,
  2. Creating a Matrix of Responsibility to manage the projects within the Programme,
  3. Evaluation and Progress Reports which should be submitted one week before the event,
  4. developing an email list for Correspondence with Participants and actual correspondence with participants,
  5. Liaison and Communication with Stakeholders,
  6. Liaising with ISOC NG and Youths IGF Organisers  on Pre-Event Process,
  7. Liaison with Service Providers,
  8. Event Venue Preparation and Arrangement, and
  9. Other Support Services as listed in the Checklist/Programme Management Guide as well as, event advocacy, and mobilisation of stakeholders for active participation in the event. Liaising with Co-host of the pre-vents to ensure synergy and smooth delivery of the eventsn(ISOC NG and The  Youth Observatory of ISOC,
  10. The development of pre and post event surveys and evaluation.
  11. Discuss monitoring and evaluation indices with the NIGF MAG in order to measure the impact of the event.



  • During the Event.


During the event, the consultant is expected to take charge of the coordination of event proceedings and syndicate sessions as well as other activities that will ensure the success of the event including rapporteur services.



  • Post Event


Post event proceedings analysis, presentation of communique and a final event report.



  • Deliverables:


The Consultant is expected to produce the following deliverables:

  1. Youth  NIGF and NSIG liaisoning  reports to NIGF-MAG .
  2. NIGF 2019 Programme Agenda 1 month before the event.
  3. Content for Event Publications (Media Interview, Social media platforms update – website, twitter, etc) starts 2 months before the event, during the event and ends 1 month after the event.
  4. Communiqué of the event on the 11th  of July 2019.
  5. Event Report 2 weeks thereafter.
  6. Production of Sub-themes and Synopsis 6 weeks before the event.
  7. Letters delivered to resource persons 6 weeks before the event, follow up on resource persons 2 weeks before the event.



  • Reporting:


The consultant shall report to the NIGF-MAG Secretariat and specific sub committees charged with the responsibilities of the various aspects of the scope of work.




  • Capacity:


  1. The Consultant must have adequate capacity to manage a process as large as the NIGF in terms of Staff, Facilities and Financial Resources.
  2. Proof of having done similar  jobs for at least two years 2 years.



  • Knowledge & Experience:


  1. Applicants must have In-depth knowledge on the Internet Governance processes both locally and globally.
  2. Project management experience of at least five years



  • Availability :


  1. The consultant must be available to attend all preparatory meetings with NIGF-MAG and other ad-hoc meetings.


This call is opened till two weeks from date of publication.


All applications should be forwarded to